Telegrass – How and where to get weed (cannabis) in israel "TOP 3"

Recommended weed delaers in telegram – let's learn how and where to get best cannabis in israel (tel aviv)…

Telegrass / Telegram – Looking for quality weed (cannabis) in israel? The complete guide – how to get weed in Telegrass / Telegram 2021, let's learn what you really should not miss !!!

VIPCLUB (VIP Club) Online coffe shop,number 1 in Israel !!!
At your disposal, menu and customer service 24/7 (via the Telegram app):

Products Menu: Click Here!
Orders and customer service: Click here!

To the menu by scanning a code (point the camera here):

scan via phone camera

The "VIP Club" is a VIP cannabis club that has been closed and discreet to new entrants for the past few years, during which it was built and slowly made itself without a doubt one of the most organized bodies in the game, offering its customers a "new era of online coffeshop" Relatively high compared to other competitors – high quality boutique weed, hermetic bags closed, agile deliveries around the clock (yes yes, finally deliveries 24/7 and even on Saturday) and courteous customer service with a fast and highly professional response.

The main advantage of the VIP Club over all competing groups, is the level of weed, the flower quality along with the new delivery model that offers deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a maximum time of only 45 minutes, no delays (usually long before) . Currently, shipments are available in all central areas, in all major cities, and the service is expected to expand further south, north and toward Jerusalem.

According to a spokesman for the club, the merchants who made up the special VIP group at the beginning of its journey several years ago are the same merchants who still operate in it without new merchants joining, making its standard uncompromising in terms of service and quality of goods to the customer. From a test we did on all the varieties and products in the club, it is indeed a matter of working with professionals at the highest level, and the quality meets the high standard of rumors.

Hermetically sealed packaging and meticulous quality control

Telegrass Directions – Telegram Directions – How to get organized in Telegram? Amsterdam in Israel with service to the house 24/7

Do you have the Telegram app?

Products Menu: Click Here!
Orders and customer service: Click here!

Why Telegram?

The app is completely secure and discreet and allows its users to have anonymous, discreet, encrypted conversations.
You can delete the call at any given moment on both sides of the call, thus gaining the simplest, most secure and secure messaging app for managing discreet calls.

Do not have a Telegram app?

The app is really simple to use like WhatsApp Whatsapp.

Log in to the AppStore / GooglePlay on your mobile device.
Register in Telegram search and download the app.
Log in to the app on the phone and register using your phone number (for SMS verification, no one sees your number).
Go to search and type "Click4Weed" and enter the menu.
You can browse and see all the products in the channel and under each product there will be a button to contact online with a 24/7 customer center that is available to help you with any questions and when ordering.

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