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Are you looking to buy cannabis / weed in israel? Telegrass its what you looking for… the best way hot to get cannabis or weed in israel. the best guide in israel how to use Telegram application.

Telegrass is a bot in the telegram system that allows different and diverse merchants to advertise their goods in a bot for the benefit of consumers and patients.

Telegrass Israel
Telegrass Israel 2022

Telegrass Ordering – Ordering cannabis through the telegram has become very popular in recent years and has upgraded the way cannabis ordering, service and the war on quality with bringing significant competition to the market… Every trader fights for customers because there is no room for mistakes… Only the best survive 🙂

Telegrass Ordering – How to order in Telegrass?
Ordering on Telegrass using a particularly simple and fast telegram app, which a few minutes later you can have with delivery on the way to your home or anywhere else you are in…

All you need is:

Download the Telegram app for download.
Sign up quickly with SMS verification by telegram (your number will not appear if you set it this way in the settings to enjoy complete discretion and anonymity).
Start searching for suppliers and merchants using the search engine in the Telegram app (the search appears at the top of the app).
Once we have found a supplier you can start chatting and start the conversation and ordering process.

Your product is on its way to you, enjoy 🙂

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Buy Weed / Cannabis in israel telegram

Telegrass is a network community for the distribution and sale in Israel of the cannabis plant and the cannabis drug extracted from it and a variety of other mild drugs. This is done through the use of the Telegram app where the messages are encrypted from end to end. The merchants on the net offer fast cannabis deliveries with the option of providing reviews on the quality of the material and the merchants [1]. It is estimated that Telegrass's turnover is about NIS 60 million a month [2] and was used by more than 200,000 Israelis. According to police sources, up to 70% of drug trafficking in Israel was carried out through Telegrass [3].

The Israel Police is trying to fight cannabis trafficking in the Telegrass network in various ways, including using undercover agents. On March 12, 2019, after an undercover investigation that lasted about a year and a half, the police arrested 42 senior members of the organization, including the founder of the organization who was in Ukraine at the time and was released under house arrest after four months. He was extradited to Israel following a court decision in Ukraine. In March 2020 the Central District Court ruled that Telegrass could be considered a criminal organization and the organization's founder, Amos Dov Silver, was charged with running a criminal organization. [7]

Telegrass was founded by Amos Dov Silver after completing several prison terms for light drug trafficking. The network name derives from the bread bases of the words telegram and grass. When he was released from prison, Silver emigrated to the United States where he opened a Facebook page for the marijuana trade. The page allowed cannabis dealers to use its Facebook wall under a fake name to advertise their wares. They communicated with customers by tagging his profile and even uploaded photos of the material offered for sale. On the Facebook page, about 2 kilograms of cannabis were sold daily while Silver did not take part in the trade or receive payment for it [8]. With the growth of the service to about 30 cannabis dealers on the page, Silver decided in March 2017 to transfer the trade to the telegram app called Telegrass [9]. Within a week of its establishment, thousands joined the Telegrass service. Under Silver stand other prominent activists:

Yossi Meshi – the organization's treasurer, 34 years old from Jerusalem and already at the age of 19 convicted of drug offenses [11]. Known as "Gal".
Barel Levy – VP of Operations in the organization, leaving Unit 8200.
Gali Amar – replaces Amos Dov Silver while he is imprisoned in Israel. Silver's wife.
Only in September 2018 did German detectives manage to document the three Telegrass heads together.

Since its inception, the service has grown to about 4,500 active merchants and more than 200,000 customers [9] [13], about 15,000 users in Tel Aviv alone [14]. Telegrass has 70 managers and ten other industry leaders who volunteer to manage the community's various activities. It also employs software people who are working on upgrading the platform. Some have knowledge of the Python programming language, background in databases and familiarity with the Telegram application programming interface [15]. One of the major upgrades of these programmers is a bot that allows automatic answering of questions from members of different groups [2]. With the expansion of the network, Telegrass even began offering service in seven different languages ​​[16]. The high level of activity and competitiveness generated by the platform has led to a drop of tens of percent in cannabis prices. In addition, the service offers groups for the purchase of psychedelic drugs, a group for discussions on legalization and a group for reviews on the quality of the material and the service experience from each dealer. According to the founder Silver he does not make a living from the service, although there are merchants who pay him voluntarily as a kind of commission.

In September 2017, Telegrass launched "Search for the Treasure" during which 23 bags of grass were buried throughout the city of Tel Aviv, after which hundreds of marijuana lovers searched [17].

In February 2018, a partial database of Telegrass leaked to the network. It is a database of about 3,500 merchants that includes identifying details and incriminating videos of them [18]. Telegrass responded that a programmer on the site had managed to steal 1,500 functional users, but the system was not hacked [19].

Merchants of the chain continued to work in external frameworks even the corona plague in Israel. Due to traffic restrictions they used couriers from legal companies such as Walt and Let Bite, and even disguised themselves as couriers and carried out the transactions using sterile packaging with masks and protective gloves [20].

Network activity
In November 2018, Telegrass's Facebook page was closed due to "encouraging drug use that violates Facebook's community rules." The page had about 25,000 likes. In addition, Amos Silver's page was blocked for a period of 30 days. In January 2019, following the blocking of the Facebook page, Telegrass launched a content site for the general public. The site allows exposure to information about the "world of cannabis" in various fields, including current affairs publications and scientific research in the field. The site also serves as a platform for disseminating cultural, social and community events as well as motivating activist activity in promoting the legal status of cannabis in Israel. On March 12, 2019, together with the arrest of senior members of the organization, the site was removed by the Israel Police.

Police fight
The Dangerous Drugs Ordinance prohibits the use or trafficking of cannabis without the approval of the Ministry of Health. Due to this, the establishment of the Telegrass network constitutes a violation of the law in Israel and is considered a criminal offense. Despite the announcement by the Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Ardan, of a change in the customary criminal enforcement and its replacement by a policy of not incriminating consumers [22], the bill on the subject was not approved [23] [24]. According to Silver, Telegrass is an ideological project that is a step up in the fight against the legalization of soft drugs. According to the Israeli police, on the other hand, this is a criminal organization and Silver, who lives in the United States, has been given an international arrest warrant. Police have also signed a special agreement with a criminal accused of trafficking in hard drugs, during which they will delete six cases pending against him and he will receive a grant of NIS 80,000, in exchange for the indictment of marijuana dealers in Telegrass. [25] Despite Amos Dov Silver's claim that the police have no significant enforcement capacity against Telegrass [26], drug dealers have been arrested [27] and even indicted [28].

On the other hand, Telegrass people revealed on the Internet the photos of dozens of undercover police officers. In order to identify undercover cops, they required anyone who wanted to trade online to present their ID card.

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